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Professional Photographers of America. International Photography Competition https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/8/professional-photographers-of-america-international-photography-competition 80's Style Beauty with Kelley Swanson 

Made Loan Collection - The highest honor that can be given to an image

Behind the scenes video from the session with Kelley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb5x-UZKrRI


[email protected] (David LaRochelle) David LaRochelle Fashion Kelley Swanson Loan Model PPA Photographer Photography Studio Youtube https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/8/professional-photographers-of-america-international-photography-competition Wed, 03 Aug 2016 18:04:08 GMT
Model Portfolio Building https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/6/model-portfolio-building Model Portfolio Book your session now. 


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New video release: Milana https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/2/new-video-release-milana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbHmvjFfx_g

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Workshop https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/2/workshop I will be holding a workshop on February 27th at Sieg Mansion. 

This will be a hands on workshop with some great models! Sam Fazz and Justyna Krolkiewicz have confirmed. Working on one more model... Depending on attendance. There will be plenty of shooting time with the models and some instruction on what I do and look for in my shoots.

To avoid the Paparazzi type shoots with the models We will schedule time so everyone has time to shoot and not overwhelm the models.


The cost is $200 and will include food and beverage, A fantastic location and awesome models.


Paypal: [email protected]

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Trini Quinn at Sieg Mansion (Atlanta) https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/1/trini-quinn-at-sieg-mansion-atlanta Behind the scenes video from a recent shoot with Model Trini Quinn.


[email protected] (David LaRochelle) https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/1/trini-quinn-at-sieg-mansion-atlanta Sat, 23 Jan 2016 03:58:15 GMT
Behind the Scenes video "New" on Youtube https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2016/1/behind-the-scenes-video-new-on-youtube Check out my new video on Youtube. Great model Justyna shot at Photoplex Studios in Atlanta. Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe!






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Recent shoot for my Youtube Channel. Sam Fazz https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2015/12/recent-shoot-for-my-youtube-channel-sam-fazz Recent shoot I did with Sam Fazz Downtown Monroe, Georgia. Shot for my photography channel showing how I use continuos lighting.


ISO100 1.8 1/500


Enjoy! David

[email protected] (David LaRochelle) (Sam Fazz) Neo Rotolight https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2015/12/recent-shoot-for-my-youtube-channel-sam-fazz Wed, 16 Dec 2015 20:27:01 GMT
New Site https://www.davidlarochelle.org/blog/2015/11/new-site Hello, Thank you for visiting my new web page. We are working to bring the ease of ordering your photographs online please be patient as we work out all the details.


Thank you, David

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